Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Cuties and the Winners....

Yes, Cara, I know you're dying.  I usually post in the morning, but today I had to make sure you all got your back orders.  I figured that was more important. ;)  First, I am going to post one photo from each person, then draw the winner.  Then I will follow with the rest of the adorable pictures!  I wanted to be fair, and some of you mailed me so many gorgeous photos, that you might have won all three pieces.  I know, you are thinking, if it was me who won, I wouldn't care, but play nice ladies... 

 Eight of you entered, EIGHT!  What is up with that ladies?!  You are slacking, and I say that lovingly. 

Cutie #1 from Deidra

Cutie #2 from Ramona (two cuties!)

Cutie #3 from Nancy

Cutie #4 from Wendy

Cutie #5 from Bella's Mommy

Cutie #6 from Jennifer

Cutie #7 from Corina

And Cutie #8 from Cara

And the winners are..................Cara, Bella's Mommy, and Jennifer!  Congratulations ladies!  The random number generator chose you.  You each receive one piece of your choice from Soleil!  And just because, the other five ladies who entered, you get free shipping on your first order from Soleil.  Just let your FC know.

Thank you to the EIGHT of you who played.  I expect better participation next time ladies.  Now, some more pictures from the Eight non-slackers, lol.  You know I love you all, no matter what.

Our very own, Stacey Cordes shot these...

Give your little hams a hug for me for indulging us in their fashion show.  I loved looking at all of your photos!  The lucky ladies can email me at genmarie@verizon.net to discuss their prize.

Happy St. Patty's Day ladies!  Hope you aren't too stuffed with corn beef and cabbage. ( I am)


  1. All so cute! I just love all the pieces in this line.

    I entered too, but I don't see my sweetie. I sent you a picture of Audrey in her Joli skirt and shrug. :(

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! How cute is everyone!!!! LOVE all the cuties in their GM :) And I won!!! YEAH!!!!
    Thanks Christine!!! LOVE everything...Can't wait to see more Soleil!!!

  3. Oh yeah Christine....Thanks for working hard on our Back Orders :) We do love that! LOL

  4. Love the pictures of the cuties in their GenMarie. I tried to enter, but I couldn't email you until this afternoon (I didn't get my stuff in until yesterday).
    Oh well, I promise I will try harder next time.

  5. what a bunch of cuties in cute clothes!

    I wanted to enter but Audrey got sick and I couldn't get a worty picture in time :)

  6. LOVE all the pics!! How adorable!!

  7. oh way too cute! they are all little beauties :)

  8. I think we need some more pictures! LOL....Just so excited to see the rest....Hurry up April 1st!!

  9. We need a new post :) Okay....well I do! LOL...I'd love a few more pics!

  10. I would love to see more pics :)

  11. I emailed a pic of Lola in the shrug...did you get it?



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