Monday, March 30, 2009

Soleil Update....

Boy, it's been a while, huh?  Sorry about that.  Crazy week last week.  I am terribly sorry to say that we are going to have to delay the opening of Soleil a few weeks.  It is a time manufacturing issue.  But all good things come those who wait, right?  I will let you know the date, the minute I know.  We have a meeting this weekend about it.  I do apologize, and no one is more disappointed than me at the delay.

Ok, so a few pics from the amazing Stacey.

And I just love this evokes such emotion...

Now, I have to sidetrack for a minute.  I spent time last week reading the Twilight series, and...ahhhhh..... if you haven't read the books, you simply have to!  They are just beyond amazing, so capturing.  If you are a romantic, then you will love these.  You just can't put them down.  I had the first book for a few weeks, and had no time to read it.  Then of course, I saw it came out on DVD, and I couldn't wait to watch it.  I was going to try to read the book first, but I just couldn't hold off.  Ladies, watch this movie, by yourself!  You will want to take it all in.  Especially this.  Swoon......

Seriously, who is that gorgeous?  He is just breath taking.  I stayed up late all week reading, until my eyes could no longer focus.  Yes, it is that good, I promise.  I am dying for the second movie to come out, and it won't until November!  Ugh!  Guess, I will just have to reread the books until then.  The soundtrack rocks, btw, you can listen to it on my playlist.  Check out the songs by Rob Pattinson, so good.  

So I leave you with that image to ponder, lol.  Maybe you are not as obsessed as me, but a girl can dream....

Have a good day ladies!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the soundtrack, I saw that it was high on the list at itunes.

    I haven't seen it, or read the Twilight books. I watched the preview on demand though and was geeked out for it! I can't decide if I should read first or watch. Did you think watching it first made the book any less enjoyable than if you had read first?

  2. No, actually, I am glad I watched it first. It is different, but I am glad I had the image of Edward in my head, lol. I don't think you will be disappointed either way. You are going to love it, and the best book, is the last one, Breaking Dawn.

  3. Christine-
    Can't wait to hear when Soleil is launching :) We are anxiously awaiting the new pretties :)))

  4. I love the series & I can't stop rereading them. I haven't watched the movie yet... I don't know what I'm waiting for, it's right here in the house.

    I can't wait to see Soleil! The delay will give me more time to save up funds! :)

  5. I read the books first and I like to have the imagination that the books bring. Then I saw the movie and let me say "FORGET THE BOOKS", HAHA! Edward is AMAZING and the more I watch it the more I get all warm inside. He is absolutely GORGEOUS and those eyes will make any woman swoon. Also, his smoldering looks, I am pretty sure I would melt if he was around. So...either way by reading the books or watching the won't be disappointed.

  6. I watched Twilight again today :) Edward is dreamy...

  7. Girl I am right there w/ ya! Sometimes I feel silly being a grown woman and being so in love w/ this series but it is Awesome. I started the series 3 weeks ago and I just finished book 3 at 2am this morning! I am about to go start #4 in just a sec! I too can't wait for New Moon in november! And yes....he is sooo HOT!

  8. So sad to hear about the delay. I will be patiently waiting.

    I just picked up the first two books in the series, this week. Im nearly done with book 1.

  9. Christine-
    Where did your beautiful site go?
    I'm hoping you are updating with new pics :))))

  10. I haven't started reading the books or the movie. I don't need one more thing to obsess over...LOL!

    Can't wait for Soleil!!

  11. CHRISTINE!!! Yes, that is me yelling! I am also a Edward should I say addict. I can not stop myself..the books, the movie, the soundtrack, the movie again, re-read the books, re-read (important) sections in the books. YIKES, I love Edward and the whole love has captured me in a very way that I can not explain. I can not help but look at my dear hubby and wish he would "sparkle" just a little bit MORE!! TEE HEE


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