Monday, February 23, 2009


I am so overwhelmed by the response to Harmony! It has been a fabulous start to the season, and I am so touched by all the wonderful comments. You all totally ROCK! I wanted to mention a few things that really make me happy. One, we have an amazing new manufacturer with tons of experience, so I am happy to say our sizing is worlds better than last season, and is very true to size. (Thank you, my love. ;))  This will make ordering so much easier. Two, we have a third party shipper shipping our items out, so our shipping time is down to one-two weeks. I know that has to make you happy, because it thrills me! And three, we have a brand new computer system which will make ordering so much smoother, and prevent lots of glitches. We really spent a lot of time during the break working out ways to improve your shopping experience with us. We want you to be beyond thrilled with not only your GenMarie goodies, but your overall experience. I have had questions about if Harmony is available online, and it is not, only through an FC. But the sale items will remain on the website. I have to say, I couldn't be more excited about everything this season. And I must thank my amazing FC's for always doing such an incredible job! You are such a huge part of not only GenMarie, but my life.

I wanted to share some sweet photos with you, since we can only put so many on our website.

Oh, and remember the amazing Felicia? She sent me over this adorable photo of this sweetie, taken through her organization, The Littlest Heroes Project. I just completely admire Felicia for all she does, and am so honored to be a part of her work.

One last thing to talk about , before I go back to work. I know many of you are eagerly awaiting Annie's dress. Here's the deal. We had to move it back to the summer collection, due out April 1st. I know, I know, please don't kill me. We tried really hard to get it just right but with the knits we had, it just wasn't working, and it has to be perfect. I just found what I wanted, and we will have Annie's gorgeous design in Soleil. I hope you aren't too disappointed, you know how much I hate that. I just couldn't put something out there that wouldn't be all you or Annie expected, but you only have to wait a few more weeks. I promise it will be worth it.

I am off to finish up Soleil, and I have to say, if you are loving Harmony, wait until you see Soleil!

Nighty night ladies!


  1. Love the pics and Love this line!!!

    I just wanted to say that I loved working with Keri this past weekend on my show!! She is the best and I really appreciate all the time she took to help all my friends with sizing!!

    And wanted to thank you Christine for making all these beautiful pieces! It was really hard to choose which to get. And also for having such great host rewards!!

    Can't wait to get my items!!

  2. Christine-

    I had so much fun hosting a Virtual Show!!! Meredith was absolutely the best...she is such a her!!! I can't wait for Soleil:-)
    Harmony is just gorgeous and I can't wait to see the box on my door-step....In case you pick a random winner for a fabulous piece from Harmony...I would LOVE LOVE the pink knit ruffles and tee! :-)Can't wait to see more from you....I will be a customer for seasons to come:-)

  3. My DD tried on a bunch of the new line last Sunday and it was gorgeous! We had a blast. I can't wait to get my order :)

  4. All looks great Christine...very exciting ;) -cammie


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