Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh, My Aching Face...

I spent all weekend long fighting a massive infection in my mouth. Of course, this happens when the dentist is closed, and the service says go to the ER. Well, I certainly wasn't going to spend 5 hours in the ER for that, so I ate 11 Motrin and laid around with a hot compress on the left side of my face. I was totally wiped out too. The entire left side of my face from my jaw to my ear was throbbing. I am dreading what the dentist tells me today, as I know I am in for a root canal. I need to respond to emails still from this weekend, not to worry, I will get back to everyone later today after my lovely trip to the dentist.

The amazing Gina emailed me a few sneek peeks from a photo shoot she did for me Friday. Of course, I have to share. Gina is located in Indiana, and if you are in need of some fab pics, give her a buzz. She rocks!


Aren't these little dolls adorable! They all look smashing in the Autumn Sky Collection.

Have a great day ladies! I know your day will undoubtably be better than mine...sniff, sniff.


  1. What a sweet photo! The collection looks great. I can't wait until I am far enough into this to be able to get my photos taken. It must be such a thrill every time you get the proofs. Good luck at the dentist. I hope you fell better soon:)

  2. Oh my that photo is beyond words. She is an amazing photographer. I love your new line. Very pretty.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Okay I need to buy more!! These are fabulous!!!

  4. Christine, I hope you feel better! You and your husband are making the dentist rich the past few days ;-)

    Thanks for the sneak peek! I can't wait to see the full line!

  5. Oh no, that sucks! Hope the dentist gets you straightened out soon and you are feeling lots better!
    Your Autumn Sky Collection pic is stunning! DARLING sets Christine!!
    And the pic rocks! WOW:)

  6. Gorgeous, yummy designs and stunning photography! Love it!

  7. luv it! luv it! luv it! the colors are just stunning!

    i pray that your toothache was taken care of. I hope you're feeling better!

  8. I am LOVING these dresses!!! You've done such a great job. And the photography is fabulous!

  9. I hope are feeling better now! Your dental dilemma sounds like it was awful!

    Your new collection is fabulous and your photographer is amazing!

  10. These clothes are so pretty. They do look adorable. Sorry you are in pain. Keep us posted on when the dentist says and take care.


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