Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finally Spring!

Well it is finally spring in NY! Actually we have been way above normal temps with highs near 80. It's been beautiful! We can finally play in the backyard and go to the park. Thank goodness! I thought it would never come!

I took the girls to the beach today to take pictures of my new set for WisteriaLane's Here Fishy Fishy mini launch. It was breezy but plenty warm. I wish it would stay this way, but I am sure this weather is short lived.


  1. Christine...I LOVE IT!! Very cute girl...Awesome design!! You rock!!

  2. You rocked on this one Christine!!!!

  3. I LOVE IT!!!! Your auction looks beautiful too--what a perfect location to shoot for a fishy sweet set :0)

    Were you loving the warm weather? I was in 7th heaven--planting, airing out the house. I hope the temps continue to rise!


  4. Thanks Michelle!

    I know, it has been so nice! We've been eating outside, the windows are open in the house...I just hope it stays. Or at least stays springlike!

  5. you sets are beautiful
    congrats on all of the bins



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