Friday, April 27, 2007

Did Picasso's Mother Go Through This???

It's Friday night, time to unwind from a long week. I was sitting at my computer catching up on emails, my husband was taking out the garbage. I thought the girls were watching a show, boy was I wrong!

Miss Ava, my little troublemaker, decided she would hone her drawing skills, and took a brown crayon and drew all over the house. She colored Emma's dresser, wall, and door, then decided to move into the hallway, then why not color mommy's sheets. Now you can't stop there, so she traveled down the hallway, coloring as she went, into the living room, where she did a nice big mural, then fianlly ended in the kitchen at the refrigerator. This was the Tour de Ava. LOL! Good thing crayons are washable and Mister Clean Magic Erasers work!

And here she is, my little artiste!


  1. ooooooooh been there ! One time Meghan drew a family portrait on her wall. She put so much detail into it. LOL!


  2. What a little stinker that Ava is! Good thing she's so cute though!

  3. OMG Tessa has totally done that too!!! She's the only one of the 3 that colored on walls with her masterpieces!

  4. This is too cute! What a fun post. My girls love doing that too esp My Ava. It is just budding creativity.

  5. Must be the name Tonya!!!

    You have to laugh when they do things like this. These are the memories we will cherish most as moms.

  6. she is too cute===you just can't get mad when she has a face like that....thank goodness for magic eraser!


  7. I have one too....actually I have two, Avery and Masyn both draw on EVERYTHING!


  8. LOL ohhhh noooo!!!! My oldest daughter Loren did that one time and I thought I was going to cry. She colored every wall in my apartment. She even colored on the TV and the toilet! LOL!!! Thank the LORD for FANTASTIC! hehe

  9. Oh no! LOL She sure is adorable, though. :)

  10. Oh noooooo! Been there, done the Magic Eraser! It's easy enough, I actually give it to my kids and make them clean up their mess (then I go back later and finish it up).


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