Monday, November 30, 2009

Fabric Sale!

For those of you who shopped our fabric sale, you know the drill.  If you haven't, here is the scoop...all fabrics are $5 per yard.  They are all new off the bolt.  I will give you the best possible deal on shipping, and will stuff as much into a flat rate box as I can.  They call me the queen packer at the post office. ;)  Email me the name of the fabric and the numbers of yards, and I will invoice you.  Please include your paypal email addy.  The fabrics will ship within 48 hours.  Any questions, you know where to find me.  I have multiple yards of all fabrics posted, and many of them are out of print.  Oh, and if you want to rent a big u-haul and come here, I'll give you a super deal, and my husband will love you!  Here we go!

LR09 Olive

LR05 Black

LR03 Red

AH17 Rose

AH10 Gold

LR10 Blue

LR07 Fucshia

LR01 Blue



CM34 Lilac

CM28 Gold

AH14 Burgundy

HB03 Ice

GP91 Turquoise

MN32 Natural

GP floral

TW09 Grey

LR03 Blue

LR02 Cream

JP01 Ice

HB11 Rose

HB10 Brown

HB06 Turquoise

AB28 Brown

AB25 Linen

AB26 Linen

AB23 Olive

TG43 OberRed

RP06 Ivory

RP05 Blue

JP10 Emerald

HB04 Brown

HB10 Brown




AH10 Gold

AH09 Rose

AH17 Ice

AH25 Sea

AT01 Powder

AT02 Blue

AT09 Blue

DF24 Aqua

DF31 Aqua

DF32 Blue

JP08 Ivory

MN32 Pink

AB37 Leaf

AB39 Rose

AB34 Turquoise

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