Thursday, November 5, 2009


is the date Hodgepodge launches!  We needed a few extra days to get photos in, and the new site set up.  Yes, I said NEW site!  Wait till you see the genius of Timi.  This is like nothing you have seen before.  Hodgepodge was truly a collaboration between Timi and I.  I have had the great joy of working with Timi now for years, and her friendship means so much to me.  It was such a natural progression for us to combine our ideas and make this line.  The clothing design is mine, and the visual concepts are hers.  Not to mention the amazing, and I truly mean that, amazing photographers we have shooting for us this season! These women are so talented, if you live in their area, you have to schedule a shoot with them.  I am half tempted to fly to them myself.  Their talent and vision is truly art. Big thanks to Amelia and Kristen for their time and talent, you were a huge part of making my vision reality.

Hodgepodge was truly a labor of love, and a challenge for me.  I wanted to give you new fresh designs that  would be trendy, yet timeless.  I carefully chose the most beautiful fabrics and the softest knits.  I am so excited to offer it to you.  Thank you to all of you who have stood by and supported GenMarie!  It means so much.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the whole collection:)

  2. Love the sneak peeks I have seen so far. I am sure the new collection will be gorgeous! Keep on the good work :)


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