Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Over...

That is the first season.  It sure was a huge learning experience.  I am grateful to all of you who supported us, and were patient.  I promise next season will be way different.  The entire line is now 50% off until it sells out.  This includes hostess pieces.  We are sold out of the Creamy Roses, Frog Garden, Tees, Birdy Halter and Sash, and there is no size 2 or 4 of the Sugar and Spice. You can email me to place an order, until we add the clearance section on the website.  Hopefully that will be up by the weekend.  Orders placed before Saturday will arrive in time for Christmas.  Orders placed after Saturday unless you pay extra for overnighting, will not arrive in time for Christmas.  You know how the mail is this time of year.

I am a bit behind on posting the auction items for the Burdick family.  We were hit by the stomach virus here last week, and croup!  Better then, then next week.  Check in Thursday or Friday at the latest for the auction items.  Thank you to those of you who have sent items.

I took my own picture of the girls this year for our Christmas cards.  It was like pulling teeth.  They have not been modeling and they were such a pain.  I tried to get one with them and the dog too, that was funny!  This was the best of the bunch.

Not too bad.  They each just got their hair cut short about a week earlier.  

I'll be back later this week to post the auction items.  Have a great week!


  1. the girls are stunning.....they are truly gorgeous!! and i luvvvv their wardrobe choice!! peppermint bark peasant dress, right? bah-yoo-tee-full!!

    have a blessed Christmas!!

  2. beautiful photo Christine!!!
    your girls are adorable :)


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