Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Monday to Ya!

The words we live by.

What a busy weekend!  First I have to tell you about the concert, they ROCKED!  It was awesome!  There were two opening acts, Sara Bareilles and Counting Crows.  She is great, I love her, not such a huge fan of Counting Crows.  They are excellent performers though.  Finally about 9:30, Maroon 5 comes on.  The lights were dark, and you could see them walking onto the stage.   We had amazing seats!  Adam Levine is ridiculously sexy.  That boy is so talented, and he comes out wearing white jeans and a tight white tee, my friend Francy and I were having hot flashes, lol.  Sometimes, you just gotta love a bad boy.  It was a lot of fun to oogle like teenage girls.
Saturday, I spent all day in Manhattan at one of my oldest friends bridal shower.  We have been friends since 6th grade!  She is getting married this October in Vermont.  My friend Jenn, the Jenn who helps me cut orders, and I drove in.  Some pictures from the shower:

Jenn & me (not the best shot of me, oh well)

Melissa, the bride to be.

Jenn and I had a few detours driving home.  Manhattan can be tough to get out of.  But we were cracking up the whole drive home.

Yesterday, I spent all day catching up on emails, and cutting out a slew of orders.  Oh, and I ordered one of these:
Yup, an ipod touch.  I needed a mobile device to get onto the internet and check emails with.  I really didn't want a blackberry, and apple, which I am a huge fan of, came out with a new service for their iphone and itouch ipod, called mobile me.  It syncs your iphone or itouch with your computer, so when you get an email, it automatically comes in on your itouch too.  Totally cool!  I love technology.

Off to work, and to referee the kids.  OH....we think Ava passed her penny.  Chris fished one out of the toilet, but he also found a screw and a nail, and I know she didn't eat those, so I am going to call the doctor and have them do an xray to be sure.  Have a great day ladies!


  1. That sounds like us at the Rascal Flatts/Keith Anderson concert and the Toby Keith/Miranda Lambert concert. It took us back to our high school days, back when we were crrrrrrrrrrrazy!

    That is too funny that you found a penny, a nail and a screw, almost like someone 'planted the evidence'. I'm with you on doing an xray, just to be sure. Baby girl would surely be showing some symptoms if the coin was still in there, wouldn't she?

  2. Christine, your shop has been so busy on Etsy...I went today to shop and its almost empty! WTG!!

    So glad you had a GREAT weekend and got a new gadget too!!! I love my 3g iphone.

    Can't wait to see you load up your Etsy shop again!!!

  3. Oh geeze Christine! I LOVE the Counting Crows.. next time I'm flyin out XOXO

  4. you will L-O-V-E the Ipod Touch, I dont know what I would do without mine! :)

  5. I'm glad you had fun at the concert. Yeah, he is gorgeous. I'm glad Ava passed her penny. My son swallowed one when he was 1 1/2 and it got stuck in his air passage. They had to use this balloon like thing to fish it out. They had to strap him down. It was really tramatic.

  6. glad to hear that everyone is doing well! lucky you, an ipod touch?! nice.


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