Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Behind The Scenes...

Last night, one of my oldest BFF's came over to help me cut out orders.  Jenn is a sewer herself, as well as, a recovery room nurse.  I still can't believe she is a nurse, and gives IV's and what not!  This is the girl I met in 7th grade, whose hair rivaled the height of the Empire State Building!  As we were working, and blasting music, I thought, ooh, this is blog worthy!  So I ran up and grabbed my camera.  I thought it would be fun to show you part of the process that occurs after an order is placed.  

Yup, her hair has come back down to a normal climate now...  And in case you are curious as to why she has tape on her neck, she recently was attacked by a man with a scalpel, and when she woke up, she had tape on her neck.  NO, JUST KIDDING, she had thyroid surgery last week, and is doing fine, and we have been coming up with interesting stories about her surgery dressing, lol.

Notice the coffee and cupcakes...needs lots of caffeine and sugar.

Yes, those are some of your dresses being cut!

and sometimes you get a little, she didn't cut out your dress.  Well if you get a crooked dress, that was one of Emma's. :)

Have a great day!


  1. Christine, you crack me up! I bought into the scalpel attack! It is so exciting to see the Garden Party dress in the process of being made. So nice to have old friends nearby, huh? Looks like a fun party!



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