Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A GenMarie Cutie...

Check out this little doll!  This is Carla's daughter, one of the sweetest customers ever!  Isn't her daughter just darling in her Teatime Knot Dress!?  I want to eat her up!  I always love to see my little shoppers, so if you have a picture of your cupcake in a GenMarie design, email it to me.  It's all about them after all.  Thanks Carla!  I will catch up with you in Wilton.  ;)

And for the first time ever, GenMarie is moving into brick and mortars!  The first two shops to carry GenMarie are a fabulous boutique, Divas & Dudes in Belthalto, IL, and a stunning aritsan shop, O Tiger Lily, in Stone Harbor NJ.  If you live in nearby, stop in! 

1 comment:

  1. CUTE CUTE!!!
    Such a darling dress.
    Congrats on the boutiques, can't wait to see them:)


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