Monday, November 19, 2007

The Next Generation of GenMarie...

Last Christmas, Emma got a sewing machine from my 
parents,a really cute Hello Kitty one by Janome.  It's actually a great little machine.  It was the thing she wanted most. I knew she wasn't ready yet, but this was all she kept talking about.  We tried it out after Christmas once, and she really wasn't ready, so into the attic it went.  This weekend, she was watching me sew, and really wanted to sew too.  My husband, the good sport, sat with her, and together they made Emma's first real project, a dolly blanket.  Yes, my husband can sew!  He actually can applique really well too.  Shhhh...but don't tell anyone that, I wouldn't want his manly image compromised, lol.  I couldn't resist snapping some photos of this sweet 
Daddy daughter moment.

And here she is with her very first real project she made.  Look at how proud she is!

A perfect fit!

She's not quite ready to take over the business just yet, lol!


  1. that is just too cute! how old is she? my oldest wants to sew on a machine SSOOOOO bad!

  2. She is 5 Emily. It is a great started machine, around $50.

  3. So cute!! She should sell her designs on ebay!! LOL!


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