Sunday, November 11, 2007

Double hexed...

Last night started out as a typical Saturday night in my home.  I was getting ready to head out to Gymboree to pick up some things for the girls.  So I start to head down my stairs to grab my Uggs ( it is freezing here!) and I grab onto my railing.  Well, Ava pushes my rocking chair back right against my engagement ring.  Next thing I hear is a clink.  I look down to see my diamond missing from my ring.  There it was laying on my step.  Ugh!  I mean good thing I found it and it happened at home, but what a pain.  Now I have to bring my ring to the jeweler to fix.  She completely bent my setting.  I felt so naked leaving home without my ring on.  sniff, sniff...

So I put on a different ring and head out, determined to not let it bother me.  I was looking forward to this, I get to go shopping by myself.  Ok, so no big deal, I will get my ring fixed.  I am not going to get upset over it.  I stop at Starbucks for a vanilla cappuccino, yum, and continue on my way to the mall.

My main reason in going was to get Ava a winter coat.  It got real cold here, real quick.  Get the coat, and of course, I can't leave without buying some other things for the girls.  Two shopping bags later, I head out to my car.  I hate, let me say that again, HATE, going to the mall, especially at night.  I am always really mindful of my surroundings, and beeline for my car.  You just never know, plus with 2 big shopping bags weighing me down, well, you just can't be too careful.

So I am driving home, all excited to show the girls my findings.  Music is blaring, I am just enjoying being alone.  I am about 10 minutes from home.  And THIS is what happens next.

I am always looking around when I am driving, I have avoided alot of accidents by being so aware of the road.  I am driving along the highway, and I see some kids off to my right in the woods.  Well, the next thing I see is one of the little punks throw something as I approach, and bang, it hits my truck!  Ok, so now I am miffed to say the least.  I slam on my brakes, and start spewing words that I can't share here.  I put my car in reverse, and I am steaming.  So in my mind, I am going to kill these kids! Well, not really, but you know what I mean.  I knew it was going to happen, I saw it coming.  So here is this crazy woman backing up on a major highway, ready for revenge or at the very least, some justice.  I can't find the little punks.  I call my husband and tell him what happened, and get out and look at the damage.  Now I am even more mad!  I decide to call the police and get a report for my insurance company.  I also want them to be aware of what these kids are doing before someone gets really hurt.  And wouldn't you know, I am having cell phone trouble.  So my husband calls the police, and now I am sitting on the side of the road waiting.  After 15 minutes, they show up.  One police officer goes searching for them, the other stays with me to write the report.

Soooooooo.....I come home, order Knocked Up (yes the movie) on demand ( I need to watch something funny), pour myself a BIG glass of wine, put on my comfy pants, and watch my movie with my husband.
Life is good.

And this morning, the girls are checking out what I bought them.  I had to share this picture with you of Ava.  It makes it all better.


  1. Oh boy!!! What a day! I'm sorry things weren't on your side! I really would've been tempted to back up and run those kids over LOL

    Speaking of Gymboree, I had to return this adorable sweater dress I bought last month there, and got store credit. I managed to get a cheetach jumper dress with the pants, and a zip hoodie for under $20 after a discount and the credit. How good of a deal is that?!! I was shocked bc I can never leave Gymbo without spending over $50 lol

  2. When it rains it pours huh?
    I am sorry girlie....Hope the ring and TRUCK is taken care of REAL SOON.


  3. Ohmygoodness, what a rotten thing for those kids to do!!

    Sorry you had an icky day.

  4. Thank you ladies! It was quite the weekend!


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