Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Day of Remembrance...

Six years ago today, the world stood still. I can remember exactly where I was at the moment I learned the Twin Towers were attacked. The events of that day will forever be etched into my memory. My husband works only blocks from the Towers and watched them fall. He ran from them and was caught in the dust cloud. He was one of the lucky ones in New York City that day.

My sister had just started college at FIT. She and my husband were able to find each other, and were home to me that day around 5pm. Two of my loved ones were feet from this disaster. They got to come home that night. But many people never came home that evening to their families.

Every September 11th, I sit in tears and watch the memorial service on tv. I thankfully did not lose any of my loved ones that day, but I know many people who did. My heart aches for the families whose loved ones perished that day. My prayers are with them. I know I will never forget.

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