Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One Last Joel Piece & A Funny Story...

My final piece for the Indelible launch. It's been so much fun! See West Gate here.

Now for the funny story, well, maybe not so funny at the time. I was on the phone the other day with Leslie of Sweettoesboutique, and was walking on my lawn bare foot. This was the first time I have actually spoken to Leslie on the phone. I step, and felt like I stepped on a razor blade. I lift my foot up, and there is a bee attached to it! I have not been stung by a bee since 4 th grade! And man, I forgot how much that hurts! So Leslie, got to hear me shreek, lol. After 20 minutes of icing it, and two advil, I was feeling better. It's still a little sore two days later. I was out back today, and was looking in the grass to make sure I didn't step on anything again, lol, I had shoes on this time, and I found the little bugger dead. So that was my excitement this week.


  1. I LOVE this set!

    OUCH on the sting! I haven't been stung since I was about 8 and 3 wasps flew down my shirt and stung me multiple times----I have a little phobia, now--LOL!

  2. Beautiful Clothing.
    Use a credit card to remove the stinger, gently sliding against the stinger. Then, apply a raw onion to the sting, it will take the pain away.
    My daughter just got stung on her hand by a yellow jacket and that was our remedy! IT WORKS...

  3. Hey...I love this set...too cute! I am digging the new blog layout too! Hope you all have a GREAT Labor Day weekend!

  4. I love this set, definately my favorite "indelible" one of yours!!!

  5. If you get stung again put meat tenderizer on the sting right away. It will take the pain away almost instantaneously!


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