Monday, July 2, 2007

Kids & Water...

What is it with kids and water? Saturday afternoon, I am out in the backyard with the girls. They are in their bathing suits, and wanted to play with the hose. So I let them. What harm can they do, right? Ha, I should have known better with Ava.

They were done playing with the hose, so I thought, so I went in to get Ava a diaper. We are still working on potty training. In the short time I was gone, my little Ava took the hose, and sprayed into the house. I come down to a table soaked with water, all of my machines are wet, everything is soaked! I am flipping out! Patterns, fabrics, I am having heart failure. It was all I could do not to flip out on her, so I sent her & Emma to play on the swings, while I cleaned up the monsoon. This was really not funny at the time. I wiped down all 3 of my sewing machines, put my patterns in the sun to dry and mopped up the floor. Thankfully all of my machines work. I let them dry for a few hours. I would have died if they didn't. Lesson learned, no more hose period! How was your weekend, lol?


  1. ooohhh...that so sounds like a "mommy" moment! Yikes! I would have died...glad all your machines are ok. Sounds like something my little Ava would do!

  2. I am so sorry !!! I think I would have had a nervousee break down. My three yr old cut my sewing machine cord in half this week and I was freaking out! Kids can be the cutest little monsters sometimes!


  3. Oh my, what a NIGHTMARE! It's so good that you are able to laugh about it now! :) Amie

  4. oh my goodness--- i would have FREAKED!!!!! thank goodness all is ok.


  5. OK...yes, this is something I could see happening here. Funny, now--but not so much then!

    BTW...I'm heading to your parts this Friday--Yipee!

  6. I cannot belive it! I would die of shock and sheer terror:) You are such a good mommy and I'm so glad it all turned out okay.


  7. Oh don't you just love a good adventure?! ;o)

    Cute picture you found to use, I love that!



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