Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Fray!

I went with my good friend last night to see The Fray and they rocked! It was the best concert ever! Not only are these guys amazingly talented and super hot, they are funny as heck. They are such a laid back group of guys, and you can tell they are loving what they are doing.

The show was originally scheduled for last Wednesday. It was at our outdoor amphitheatre. And wouldn't you know, we sit through the first 2 opening acts, and it was raining a little, then when they are setting up for The Fray, is starts pouring, and thundering and lightening. Finally after a 1/2 hour they canceled the show, and we waded through 3 inches of water to my car. We were drenched! I drove home pantless because my jeans felt like they just came out of the wash without being spun. That would have been a fun one to explain if I had gotten pulled over!

So the show was rescheduled for last night. Well since we figured some people wouldn't come back, we grabbed seats closer to the stage. Our original seats were way up in the boonies. We sweated it out every time someone walked up to where we were sitting. But it worked out. Now we weren't greedy, we didn't go really close, just closer. Normally I wouldn't even try this, but I guess I was feeling lucky last night. I figured what was the harm in trying. After all we were just two mommas out for some fun!

They are about to come out, and the stage is dark. Then you see on the screen behind the stage a green heartbeat line like on a heart monitor signifying Grey's Anatomy, and the crowd goes nuts! Towards the end of the show, they do an absolutely hysterical rendition of Hips Don't Lie by Shakira. So funny. And the very last song, is my favorite, Look After You, and towards the end of the song he brakes into the chorus of Wonderwall by Oasis. It was an amazing show!


  1. Oh How fun! They will be here next week....I wanted to go so bad.


  2. Ok! So I am a little late reading about this one!!! LOL! But it sounds AWESOME!!

    Look after you is my current fav too... Ash sings it with me.. it is so funny! :D



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