Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grammy's Here & A Near Miss...

My mom arrived Friday from Georgia, and is visiting with us for the next two weeks. The girls, especially Emma, are thrilled, as am I. It's hard when your mom lives so far away, and has since I was 18. Here's some pictures from the night she arrived.

Now for Ava's near miss. Last night we are getting ready for bed, I am sitting with Emma in the living room watching tv, and Chris is going to put Ava in bed. He went into the bathroom a minute, and when he went into Ava's room, I hear oh s@*t, not the best choice of words, and things falling. I throw Emma off of my lap, and run in, to find him holding onto Ava's dresser as it was falling. My little trouble maker, opened every drawer, and decided she would climb. Thank God, Chris got in there at the exact moment it started to fall. All of her Precious Moments statues are broken. I'll have to replace them, and put them away. I am very grateful she didn't get hurt. We have the dresser in Emma's room strapped to the wall, but when we got this one back from my sil, she was using it when she had the twins, we forgot to strap this one. I'm telling you, this one is going to be the death of me! I call her a monkey for a reason.

And some random pictures from Emma's Preschool Moving Up ceremony. Not the best photos because the lighting in the church is so dark. The cutie patootie red head next to Emma is my niece Hailey.


  1. adorable Christine! how cute is she


    glad you had a nice time with mommy

  2. so cute...she looks like she is having fun!

  3. grandma and the girls look uber happy!

  4. oooh I am glad she is ok. Hope that have tons of fun with grammy!



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