Friday, June 15, 2007

Allow Me A Gripe...

You know, there is nothing more upsetting and frustrating to an artist, than a copycat. Sadly, there are people who are so unoriginal and lame, that when they see a "good" thing, they feel the need to imitate and capitolize on someone else's amazing idea. I find it utterly pathetic that a person who calls themself an artist would do such a thing. And you know, no matter how hard they may try, they will never be as great as the original. A good friend of mine has recently encountered this situation, and I won't name names, but I am appauled that someone in a quote on quote "big" selling group, would do this. So please, when you are shopping around on ebay, remember who's is the original, and who's is the imitation. And for those of you who are so uninspired that you feel the need to rip off someone's amazing concept, SHAME ON YOU!


  1. Whoa!

    I bet you feel better getting that off of your chest and into the blogosphere! :o)

    I don't have anything to add to your topic...but I have to say...that picture is freakin' hilarious!!!!

  2. You are so right! Very well said. Think of how boring this world would be if everyone was a copycat. I just wonder if that copycat would like it if the shoe was on the other foot...hmmm no pun intended!! It seems a bit piggy to me!!


  3. Haha, thanks Morgan!

    Who says blogging isn't therapuetic!

  4. Bummer--nothing worse that one of those :(


  5. Laurie clued me in, shame on her!

  6. you have me curious now...can we have a clue or anything???

    it seems like everyone feeds off of eachother on ebay, but it is lame when it is an exact copy!

  7. There is a clue in Kathy's comment. A bit piggy....

  8. Hello, I was looking for the perfect image to describe a copycat and found yours here. I ask a permission to use it as the picture in my blog. It's not for a commercial use, of course. I'll put it now, but if you mind just let me know so I will take it off. Thanks a lot! Cheers :)


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