Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mermaid Mania!!!

I have to do a little plugging here. I don't usually, but my fellow WisteriaLane gals really knocked this mini launch out of the park! If you haven't checked out WisteriaLane to see all the AMAZING mermaid creations, here's a peek!

Absolutely STUNNING twirl skirt set from My Beach Cottage Designs! And I must say that little girl is so cute! (That's my Ava.)

The sweetest treasure keeper tote ever from Pixie Dust Studio! I'll fight ya for it!

Rockin bows from Too Precious Bows! If you don't have a set of bows from Darcy, these are the ones to buy! And just look at that beautiful little girl! (That's Emma.)

Check out this fantastic painting from Wendys World Art! So original & beauitful!

The PERFECT beach set from Blowin*Bubbles*Boutique! That seahorse is so stinkin cute!

I can't say enough about how CUTE these shoes are! By Sweet Toes Boutique

And last but certainly not least, this fabulous necklace from Purely Princess Jewels! My ABSOLUTE favorite!


  1. Thanks for the sweet words Christine! I have to say this is one rockin' mini-launch and it's all because you found the incredible fabric! Where did you say you bought it again?!? LOL

  2. you rock

    hey girl - you have been tagged
    check out my blog


  3. Wow, everything looks fantastic! And what a great theme. :) Off to check out all the auctions. :) ~Jen

  4. oooh...I'm all about some mermaid goodies, love those!


  5. Thanks everyone! This was such a fun launch!

  6. Christine, it was an amazing launch! I loved everything! Shelley


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