Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Morning Dew

Today I photographed Emma for my new listing. She was surprisingly very cooperative and did a great job! I did have to bribe her with a trip to McD's play place! Small price to pay I guess. Check out WisteriaLane for our April Showers Brings May Flowers launch which started today.

I am super busy this week preparing for a trip to Puertro Rico on Saturday. I am so looking forward to soaking in the sun and the warmth. It was a whopping 49 degrees here today. I will be turning 30 while I am there. Not a bad birthday gift! I'll have lots of pictures to share when I get back.


  1. Very Cute!!! I love the pretty spring fabrics you chose.

    I was in Puerto Rico last month and I am so jealous that you are going there this weekend! What a great b-day trip. Have Fun!!!


  2. Hey girl, you've been tagged! Check my blog!


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