Friday, April 13, 2007

Getting Personal....

So it occurred to me that since I have a blog, perhaps I should write a bit about myself. LOL! So here goes! I live on Long Island, New York, have basically my whole life, with a small stint in Florida.

My husband...he's the best. We have been together now for almost 11 years! I don't know where that time went! We both grew up in the same town, he was two years older than me, and I never knew him. I met him right after my high school graduation through a friend. I moved to Florida to go to school, and didn't like it. So I came back to NY and ran into him. I've been with him ever since. He's the first man who asked to kiss me. He's a gem! I can't say enough wonderful things about him!

Before having my girls, I was a special education teacher. I worked with children with autism for 2 years, then in a resource room. I loved teaching, but the minute I held Emma in my arms, I knew my career was over. I just couldn't leave her. She was almost 4 weeks early, and I thought I would die having to leave her in the hospital when I was released. She was born the day before my baby shower, so Chris went, and played the part. He even wore the hat made with bows! Now that's a real man! LOL!

Then 20 months after having Emma, came Ava. Ava's birth was completely different than Emma's. She refused to come out, she was breach, so I had to have a C section. She's been throwing me for a loop ever since!

Fast forward 1 1/2 years after Ava was born, I discovered the ebay boutique world. I had never sewn anything before in my life! Swear! But I desperately wanted to learn. So my mother-in-law worked through one pattern with me. I was hooked! My fabric stash began to grow and grow, as I was learning. I don't even know how much fabric I have least 10 totes full. Can you say fabric junkie?! I took two basic sewing classes, bought myself a sewing machine and a serger, and haven't looked back. Sewing and creating are my passion! There is nothing like taking a piece of beautiful fabric, and turning it into something pretty to wear.

Perhaps you're curious as to the name GenMarie. GenMarie is named after my little girls. It's a combination of their middle names. Gen is for Emma Genevieve, Genevieve was my dear Grandmother's name, and Ava Marie. I had to add the boutique to my ebay id because GenMarie was already taken. So there's a bit about me in a nutshell.


  1. You have such a Beautiful family! You are so blessed!

  2. I love getting to know more about you! And your family is adorable!

  3. your girls are precious..hope you are enjoying PR...


  4. Oh my goodness, this is SO adorable! Your family is lovely and I just love her personal your post was...I feel like I know you now. LOL Thanks for sharing!


  5. Thanks Wendy! PR was beautiful!

    Thanks Amelia! I loved reading about everyone else, so I thought I would give everyone a chance to know me.


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