Friday, September 5, 2008

What A Week!

Where to start.  Yesterday was Emma's first day of Kindergarten!  I have been so anxious about it for days.  Literally, my stomach has been in knots.  She got up early, and was so excited.  We had been to orientation the day before, so she got to meet her teacher and see her classroom.  Chris went in late so he could see Emma get on the bus.  There is only one first day of Kindergarten after all.  We packed her lunch box full, and my sister painted her nails all pretty.  The bus was late, I am sure because every mom, including myself, was snapping a picture as they got on.  Plus the driver would wait until they got their seat belts on.  Here is Emma all ready to go. 

Waiting for the bus


In front of the bus...


I did good, I didn't cry, although I wanted to.  It was more her getting on a bus that freaked me out.  But I made it, lol.  And Emma loved the bus.

She came home from school, and of course when I asked what she had done at school, I got the "nothing".  So, I emptied out her lunch box to see what she ate, and she had almost all of her snacks with her.  I asked Emma what she ate for snack, and she said crackers.  I said "what" panicked.  She started crying and said she told the teacher she couldn't eat them, but she said no she had to.  You can just imagine how "you know what" I am.  I turned in her paperwork stating that she had celiac disease, and was not to eat anything except what comes in from home.  It is also on her file through administration.  I also told her teacher less than 24 hours before the same thing.  I immediately called the school, and asked for her teacher.  I got the I'm so sorry, I didn't have anything from the nurse, yadda yadda.  I explain how sick it makes Emma to eat anything with gluten, and that is basically damages the lining of her small intestine, as calmly as I could muster.  I said Emma even told you, and you told her she had to eat it, it was the other Emma in class that had allergies.  Emma spent the night is severe pain, couldn't eat dinner, and still isn't right today.  Mad isn't the word!  She wants to take the bus today, so I will be driving behind her to speak to the principal and the nurse.  Maybe then, this won't happen again.  What if she had a nut allergy and couldn't breathe?!  UGH!

On Wednesday, I went out back around 5pm.  I hear this bird that I knew wasn't an outdoor bird.  I am standing there looking at the trees, when all of a sudden, this guy swoops down at me!


Scared the you know what out of me!  I am not a bird person.  I think they are cute, but I am just not comfortable with them.  He kept trying to land on me and be my friend.  But after being attacked by a dog only a few months ago, I have a new respect for animals I don't know.  I call my mother-in-law, and tell her she has to come get this bird.  She is in the middle of dinner, and I tell her, I don't care, you have to come.  She has an African Gray, and is the only one I know who will handle a big bird.  Meanwhile, this guy tries to fly into my house behind me.  That's when I snapped this picture.  He was very sweet, whistling at me, bobbing his head.  So I kept talking to him to keep him near me.  But, he flew off.  Now I feel bad, because I should have let him in the house, and shut the downstairs door, so my mother-in-law could get him.  I spent a half hour out back whistling for him, but no birdie.  I am keeping my eyes out for him, hoping he will come back, so my mother-in-law can give him a good home.  Plus, he won't be able to survive when it gets cold here.  Poor birdie...

And one last thing...


Aren't these beautiful!  My girls, my FC's, sent them to me to celebrate our opening day.  I am so lucky to have them all!

I have not been getting all my emails lately.  If you have emailed me, and haven't heard back from me, email me again.  I only know this, because one of my FC's kept emailing me, and I wasn't getting it.  So if you emailed me, and haven't heard back, I am not ignoring you. :)

Have a Happy Friday!

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