Friday, August 29, 2008

Your GenMarie FC's...


Three more days!  I am so excited, I can hardly stand it.  As promised, here are your GenMarie Fashion Consultants names, areas and contact info.  Don't fear, if we do not yet have an FC in your area, any one of these lovely ladies will get you set up with an online Trunk Show.  They are all just truly beautiful and wonderful women.  And of course, you can also email me at  

Fashion Consultant Lineup:

Keri Kelley, Indiana,
Michelle Neff, Indiana,
Renee Harbin, Kansas,
Stefani Tolliver, Indiana,
Tamara Chewning, Texas,
Penny Etcheson, Missouri,
Kristen Wotruba-Kolb, Wisconsin,
Melinda Malone, Michigan,
Christine Smith, California,
Heather Fender, Colorado,

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team for our Spring season, send me an email at


  1. Omigosh Christine. Your etsy shop is now closed!

    I knew you warned us readers of it happnening but it's still a shock to the system, lol!

    Will email you soon dear :)

  2. CHRISTINE!!!! hiya girlie...long time no speak. I never really check blogs, but today I decided to see what you are up to- WOW girlie I am so excited for you. Your blog looks amazing and your new designs are just gorgeous. Can't wait to own one!

    miss and love ya


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