Monday, July 14, 2008

What I Did on Summer Vacation...

Ok, not really, but what we did last week while my husband was off from work.  

I took Emma to see the Kit Kitteridge movie.  It was soooo good!  Great story line, very good lesson for kids to learn.  It was set in the depression, and showed what people had to do to survive.  Definitely go see it!

Then we drove up to Ridgefield, CT, to check out the area.  Love it!  So beautiful and quaint.  Now that we narrowed down the area, we just need to sell our home, and find a new one.  

Then we went to the beach.  I love the beach.  So relaxing.  Chris doesn't care for it, but we all had a great time.  The girls love it.  Here are some pics.

We dug out a hole near the water for the girls to play in.  The waves were rough to go in.
Ava contemplating the surf.
And the man who doesn't like the beach, looks like he is having fun to me...

Tomorrow, I announce the winner of my 4th of July giveaway!  I have a big surprise in store!!!!

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  1. fun times! we dug a hole just like that on our beach outings...elle called it her swimming pool. :) i've been meaning to post those photos, but alas, they're still hanging out on my hard drive, discussing how inefficient i am. heheh...


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