Sunday, July 27, 2008

That's All She Wrote!

Thirty two.  That is the number of pieces that are in the Fall line.  DONE!  The remainder of the fabrics came in Friday, another 12 bolts.  Finished the last of the samples today.   And if I do say so myself, it is one rockin collection!  I would wear it.

Do you like the new play list?  I was in a rock mood.  I always listen to music when I work, especially when I am designing.  Helps the creative juices.  Secondhand Serenade has to be my favorite group right now.  The whole cd is awesome! 

You know, I have heard a lot of the word knock off lately being used to describe anyone who makes a knot dress or apron skirt.  I personally find it incredibly insulting, and quite ignorant.  I am sure, I will get some hate mail from this post, but it's ok. I will put on my big girl panties and can take it. ;)  Allow me to share with you the process of creating a piece.  It takes hours of time, choosing fabrics, plotting out the design, putting the fabrics together, then stitching it up.  It also takes time to develop the patterns and grade them for size.  So if people want to call that process, knocking something off, ok, then, fine.  Who am I to say, I only have spent 70 hours over the past week finishing up my line.   In fashion, everyone is inspired by someone or something.  

Alrighty then...enough ranting, on to something sweet!  I have to share three beautiful little girls with you.  First up, little Miss Havalah.  This precious five year old is three years past a liver transplant.  And her mom, Kristen, is one of my amazing Trunk Keepers, and an all around great woman!  Please, please, support organ donation!  I can't say that enough.  Think of the gift you are giving, life.  There is nothing more beautiful and sacred.

Next, Lara's gorgeous daughters in their teacup knot.  

Thank you so much Lara and Kristen for sharing the beautiful photos of your little darlings with me!  They all look fabulous!  I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing that teacup dress.


  1. You just keep on ROCKIN'!!! You be no means are an imitator (sp??) Your pieces are amazing, as is the craftsmanship. I will say it again, I had knot dresses when I was a girl, so who is imitating whom?? It is a design and a lot of designers use this and make the basic design their own.

  2. It must be amazing to see little girls in your designs! I am just starting out and don't have my first collection for yet but I can't wait to see little girls other than my own in my clothes:) I too have heard alot lately about copying in fashion and in the art world in general. I agree that it is hard to say who did what first. There are some out there that are blatantly copying others but I think that most of us are'nt. Just keep doing what you do:)

  3. a patchwork skirt is a patchwork skirt, a twirl skirt is a twirl skirt, a t-shirt is a t-shirt, a peasant top is a peasant top, apron knot dress is an apron knot dress. i have to agree, who says who designed the first. i believe all have been around even before i was born, so.........

    i believe there is enough room out there in the designer world for ALL of our creative minds.

    CONGRATS on finishing up the line, i can't wait to see it all!

    Keep on keepin' on!!

  4. You sure have been busy!
    Best of luck with the trunk shows. I would love to host one as soon as I get caught up around here!


  5. these are all stunning! :) AWESOME job!!

  6. You keep making your fabulous designs and let others say what they want to! Everyone is inspired by something, and being inspired is much different that copying someone outright!

    Your big girl panties comment cracked me up! :)

  7. Well screw what other naysayers have to say. They just dont' get it. There's always negative nancies out there...let it roll and you keep on keepin on!!

    I love every bit of your work!!

  8. You know my opinion on this sweetheart! It takes lots LOTS of hours and talent to put together a piece from having a sharp eye for picking the fabric and creating the feel of a design to the actual outcome. Everything you do continues to have your beautiful and romantic spin on don't need me to tell you to keep on're doing it and keep that delightful energy going! HUGS to you!! xoxo

  9. Organ donation is amazing! We donated Adam's heart valves, that's all you can donate with a newborn. Last time I'd heard they're in Utah somewhere! (my sis worked for Midwest Transplant in KC, who actually did the 'harvesting' so did some 'exploring' but they hadn't been used yet. that was 1.5 years ago.) it is just an amazing feeling knowing that, when needed, they will be available for another babe to survive.


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