Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sis Boom Spring Event...

I left my house around 9 am for the drive up to Connecticut to see Jennifer Paganelli.  And of course 15 minutes into my ride I hit this:

Silly me for thinking I could at least make it to the bridge without traffic.  Road work...always.  Made it through fairly quickly, and I am having a grand 'ole time.  Music is blasting, (I think I can sing ;)), sipping my coffee, it's a great day.  As I approach the Throgs Neck Bridge, more traffic.  It was moving at least.  I wonder what the people driving next to me thought.  What is this crazy chick doing with the camera.  I am sure it was a sight, lol.

Finally once I am over and through the toll, it is smooth sailing.  The drive up on Merit Parkway is very peaceful.  The trees create a canopy over the road, and it is just beautiful.  

I arrive at Jennifer's house.  It is a lovely home, old and beautiful.  Lots of big windows, a wrap around porch, really just lovely. The area she lives in is amazing, and I am in love.  This is the town I want to move to.  It's just so quaint.  I will be house hunting there for sure.

I walk up to the front door of her home, a bit giddy, but containing myself, and walk in.  I see her right away, but I try to play it cool.  I sign her guest book, and make my way over to her.  I introduce myself, and she greets me so sweetly.  Big hug, it was like meeting an old friend.  Jennifer is just the most genuine, nice person you will meet.  She is so sweet!  But for those of you who have met her, you know this.  ;)  Her home is all set up with her Sis Boom collection.  Pure eye candy!   Eeeeekkkk, I could spend days studying every item.  Not only are there fabulous items with her many fabric lines, but gorgeous crafts, jewelry, and paintings.  It was truly awe inspiring.  Ok, I know, enough talk, show the pics.  

There were lots of beautiful bags all around her home.

Jennifer's signature tunic.

You might recognize these from her website.  Aren't they so pretty!

Some of her signature crafts.

Her daughter's bed.  Such sweet and simple quilts.

Another beautiful quilt in her daughter's bedroom.

Where all the magic happens.  Jennifer told me to go upstairs and check out her studio.  I took more pictures, but they blurred :(  It is an amazing space, with walls of windows.  She had lots of Christmas wreaths she has made, crafts, glitter, and of course fabric.  There were 3 beautiful antique cabinets with glass facings, curtained with her lime and blue nuella fabric.  You can see them in a bit in the background in the picture.  And a gorgeous chest of drawers in a sage color.  What a treat it was to see where she creates. 

Me & Jennifer

I was so inspired by her home.  It was a designer's dream!  I will be crazy at work, coming up with new designs for Fall.  I had such a great time chatting with Jennifer.  It's amazing to me the bond women who create instantly share.  It was a great moment for me to meet one of the people who inspire me most.  And for her to be so lovely...she even volunteered her daughter to babysit my girls when we move there.  I bought one of her halter dresses for myself, and I will cherish it.  I am sure this will not be my last visit to her home.  Thank you Jennifer, for spending time with me, inspiring me, and sharing your home with me! 


  1. oh man - why didn't I just get in my car & meet you there! Thanks for sharing the adventure with those of us unlucky enough to be stuck home!

    Next year???

  2. Christine...It sure sounds like you had a wonderful time. Wish I could have been there!...Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the great pics with us!

  3. What a treat to meet Jennifer. She seems like such a bright and sunny person!

  4. What a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful photos :)


  5. Thanks ladies!

    Randi- she is fabulous!

    Kristen- definitely next year!

  6. What gorgeous pics! Her house looks amazing, love the thought of a wrap around porch :)
    Sounds like a great town to live in too:)

  7. how fun to have friends so close to share doing what you love to do. i am so anxious to meet up with my new friend, nathalie of kennedyabdfriendsco on etsy, from just an hour east of here. we're just still trying to find the 'right fit' of a van since the wreck. i love the friendships i've made via the internet!!!



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