Saturday, March 29, 2008

Well We're Off!

Ugh, what a week!  Thank you all for your comments, prayers and well wishes.  So far, so good.  It seems to be healing the way it should, although I am still running a low grade fever.  And to top off my week, Emma was screened for Celiac Disease, and it came back positive.  She has been complaining of stomach pain for a month.  We won't know for sure until we see the pediatric GI in April.  So in the meantime, I have removed gluten from her diet.  If you have any experience with celiac, post a comment.  I would appreciate any advice.  

I am praying for a much calmer April.  I'll be back on Friday, hopefully well rested, and feeling better.


  1. I've been bitten by a dog in the past too and it does hurt! I was out running in the country and became surrounded by a pack of dogs. I got bit in the lower calf and it left 2 huge puncture wounds with the "meat" of my legs coming out of it. YUCK!! Hurt 4EVER!! Hope it all heals up soon!

    COS, I'm tagging you! You can find the rules at my blog.

  2. ooo Christine--I had a feeling it was celiac...I posted a few months ago that I thought this is what she had based on her initial pains. It is becoming more and more common so there are AlOT of foods that she can eat..and ALOT of recipes out there. i am so glad you found out. I also heard it is hereditary, so you and your DH may want to get checked out as well.

    hugs to you and emma


  3. Oh no. I'm so sorry you were bit by a dog. How scary. I hope everything gets better for you and Emma. Take care!

  4. I am sorry to hear about your dog bite..that looks so painful.

    I wanted to comment on your post regarding the Celiac Disease. My son (12) and I both have Celiac disease. If your daughter has an appt. with a GI, they may want to do an endoscopy to examine the small intestine and villi for damage. This is considered the "gold standard" to diagnose Celiac. Going gluten-free before this test is done can skew the results. Being gluten-free for as little as a few days to a week can start the healing process. So you may want to consider placing Emma back on gluten or maybe calling the GI's office to find out what their plans may be. If you have more questions, please feel free to email me and I would be happy to help. Kim

  5. Although that is hard news for you to hear, it must be a relief to finally know what is wrong. My son does not have Celiac, but he is on a GlutenFree and CasienFree (milk) diet to help with his autism. One of the hardest things for him to give up was chicken nuggets. After ALOT of experimenting and trying recipes, I have finally found one for a GF breading that not only my son loves, but my husband begs for. It is equal parts of these three ingredients (you have to grind them in a blender that you keep for GF foods only)

    1c dried mashed potato flakes
    1c Perky's Nutty Rice cereal
    1 row (about 24) of Baked Brown Rice Snaps Crakers
    salt & pepper

    I dip my chicken pieces in soy milk first then coat in the breading mix and fry in a vevtable oil. I use my fryer for GF only. You could use regular milk since dairy is OK for her. My hubby calls this AM Chicken (Allison's Miracle Chicken)- he loves it!

  6. I'm glad you all finally have an answer to her stomach pains. I wish I had some recipes for you. :-)

  7. hey... I love your new picture of Emma up top there, it is beautiful!

    Waiting to hear what is next for her little tummy issues...


  8. hope things are going better at your house. love the new header!

  9. Happy you finally have an answer, and the dog bite OUCH!!!
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