Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We All Just Wanna Be Big Rock Stars?

Deep down inside, don't we all just wanna be big rock stars?
Well, at least Ava does.  

Some not so nice things occurred here last week, which is why I have been so quiet.  I wish I could elaborate on that, but I can't.  I know I am keeping a lot of you in suspense as to what is next for GenMarie.  Soon, I promise, I will reveal that answer...
And I had to share this one.  This is what happens when I turn my back on Ava for 5 minutes.  Maybe she will be the next spokes person for Lancome...;)

Remember this pic?
Natalie, an amazing photographer, is having a contest on her blog.  She was looking for pictures of your children with either yourself or your husband.  I couldn't resist submitting my favorite shot of Chris & Ava.  Click here to go leave a comment to vote for my picture!


  1. I voted for ya!! Good luck!!

    And youre killin me with suspense, what's the big news??

  2. oh--i DO remember that pic now. i didn't remember it was yours...but i voted for you! =)

    truly a pricless picture.

  3. I voted for you!! That photo is the best by far!!! ~Tracy


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