Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some exciting news...

Many ebay designers, including myself, are now selling on etsy.  I have been selling on etsy now for awhile, as have many others.  With the whole ebay strike going on this week, it has caused many people to re-evaluate their businesses, and where they want to sell.  Etsy is a wonderful place to buy and sell alike.  I am unsure as to whether I will continue on ebay in the future.  More than likely I will list on ebay occasionally, and etsy will be my home.  It's a very simple format, with each seller having their own shop.  All items have a fixed price, so it's more like shopping in a boutique.  A group of ebay sellers have come together to launch this week on etsy to familiarize our buyers with etsy.  I encourage you to check it out.  Etsy is only for handmade items, and the talent you will find there is astounding.  You can search ebd blackout this week to find items from some of your favorite ebay sellers.  And click here to go to ebd's blog.  You will find a link to a customer group on yahoo, and information about our giveaways!


  1. My hubby suggested I try etsy for all my boutique clothes. But I don't know if you can sell re-sells on etsy. He found out about it from a friend of his. His wife sells hair accessories on etsy. Good luck with etsy. Sounds like less stress than ebay. This strike is killing me, as I was planning on listing about 20 auctions this week.

  2. Janea, I believe you can not sell resells, but check the what you can sell guide on etsy to make sure. It is a much nicer place to shop for sure. Bummer about listing for you. :(


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