Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Little Stinker...

I wonder why I can't walk in my house without tripping...
or check my email.
I'll give you a hint...


  1. oh cherish tripping over that adorable little stroller and those little fingers on your computer mouse...

    cute cute cute post...

  2. I've been thinking about my own little stinker so much lately because she's always right at my hip. Sometimes I get frustrated with her, but I know when she isn't there I will miss her terribly.

  3. Cute cute cute!!! Hehe, it looks like my house. :D Do you like your Mac? We have one and I LOVE it!

  4. Tonya, I do cherish every moment. These days are fleeting.

    Kari, Ava is my hip ornament, has been since she was born. She is truly a mama's girl. Next year she goes to pre-k, and I know I will miss my little sidekick.

    I do love my Mac Jen! I will never go back to a PC.


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