Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The fragility of life...

Yesterday around 5 pm, my neighbor passed away.  His name is Paul, and he was 62 years old.  He finally lost his ten year battle with cancer.  In the four years we have lived here, we have gotten to know Paul and his family a bit.  He was a very nice man, and way too young to die.  There was great hope last summer that Paul would remain cancer free.  But in the fall, his cancer returned. His wife Carol, is just the most lovely woman.  I can't begin to imagine how distraught she must be.  My heart is breaking for her. 
 This really has just hit me so hard.  I knew Paul from only our brief conversations.  We weren't close by any means.  Yet I am so utterly sad right now.  I am wondering how Carol is feeling.  How alone she must feel.  It is so hard, nearly impossible, to let go of the person you love the most besides your children, and have spent some thirty plus years with.  I keep thinking about how I would feel if it were my husband.  Life is so unfair sometimes.

I apologize for the depressing post, but writing on my blog is therapy for me, and helps me cope.  I am going to make a tray of baked ziti to bring to Carol now.  One less thing for her to think about, as I am sure eating is the farthest thing from her mind. 


  1. I know what you mean. Even though you don't know the person well, it's just hard to know that they are gone. It does make you think of how fragile life is.


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