Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mother of the year???

Yesterday, my husband had a meeting after work, I decide to take the girls out to Panera Bread for dinner.  It's one of the semi-healthy things they will both eat.  I place my order and find us a booth.  I tell the girls to sit still, and walk the 10 feet to fill the drinks. I do so as quickly as I can half looking over my shoulder the whole time.

As I am walking back to the table, I look at the girls to see Ava leaning on the edge of the table, and it starts to fall over with her on top. A group of older woman, grandma's gasp loudly, and I kid you not, the ENTIRE place stands still and looks over. It was one of those slow motion falls, that you can't get to quick enough to catch her. I put the drinks down on a different table and run over to her. I pick her up and of course she is in hysterics. Now she is fine. She didn't hit her head and it really was a slow fall. Of course the manager of Panera Bread is panicking, and asking me if she needs ice. She doesn't, she has no lumps, no bumps, no blood, she's just scared. So she offers us some cookies to make her feel better.

I can feel the disapproving eyes of the people around me staring at me while I calm her down. Ava is my child who challenges me daily. She drums to her own beat, and rarely listens. She has her own agenda, and no one gets in her way. With that said, I now feel like the idiot mother of the year.

Last year, in Toys R Us around this time, she tried to climb on the side of the shopping cart while I was putting the items on the belt to pay, and tipped it. Again, it was a slow motion fall, and she had nothing but a bruised ego. So do you see, this is just Ava, kind of like curiosity killed the cat.

I heard someone say once, that if you aren't embarrassed by your child daily, you are not a parent. I find this very true with Ava. Thankfully, the rest of our meal was uneventful, and people stopped staring. Of course one of the Grandma's had to come over and give me the play by play. She was sweet and meant well, but I was over it by then. This one will be the death of stick in me in the corner with my dunce cap please.

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  1. we have a little girl in our house that drums to her own beat as well!

    my 4 year decided to climb the grids that the clothing hangs on at toys r us one time! and she couldn't get down . . . of course she got to the top before i even knew what she was doing!!

    i'm glad i'm not the only one with silly little ones that like to test your nerves!!


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