Saturday, October 27, 2007

My poor neglected blog!

Well, I have been so busy around here, that I haven't had any time to blog. It's hard to believe it is almost Halloween! Where did the summer go?! First a picture of my new set. See it here. View my other items for a few relists.

Last month I had the pleasure of staying with Linda of Lily and Ebony. I flew in from NY, and my good friend Laurie, of Blowin Bubbles Boutique flew in from Florida. We went to the Northwest Fabric Expo. Two of my other amazing groupmates live in the Seattle area as well, Timi of Cinnamon Girl Studio, and Jenn of Felicity's Flair. We had so much fun, shopping for fabric, touring Seatle, and just hanging out. We got to meet Kathy Miller of Michael Miller fabrics and Robin Mynatt of Paris Bebe fabrics at the expo. Here's some pictures from my trip.

Top  from left - Laurie, myself, Jenn, Linda
Bottom from left - Timi, Kathy Miller

The Space Needle where we ate dinner after the expo.

Timi and Linda at dinner.

Myself and Jenn.

The Seattle Market.

Laurie, Timi and Linda.

Two weekends ago, we did our annual pumpkin picking trip.  I just love this time of year!  We drive about 45 minutes east of where we live to the Northfork of Long Island.  There are lots of farms and vineyards.  It's one of the last places on Long Island with some land left.  Here are some pictures from our day.

Emma in the pumpkin patch.

Chris & Ava.

The girls got their faces painted.

Playing on a big wooden tractor after lunch.

Hope you are enjoying the Fall season!


  1. Hi Christine!! Looks like the girls had fun at the pumpkin farm!
    We use to take our girls when they were little to a pumpkin farm and they would pick out their pumpkins and we would go home and carve them. Such wonderful memories!

  2. It was so much fun Mary! This is my favorite time of year!

  3. lucky you on that trip! looks like you had an awesome time. i love those pumpkin patch photos, too...your girls are gorgeous.


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