Friday, September 7, 2007

Fun Friday!

In honor of the upcoming season premier of my FAVORITE show, Grey's Anatomy, and my favorite tv man to drool over, here is a fun quiz for you. The winner receives a custom take-a-long tote. The first person to get all the questions right wins! Some are easy, some are a bit tougher.

Email me the answers.

Good luck!

1. Who got fired from the show at the end of the third season?
2. What is Dr.Sloan's nickname?
3. What character is leaving the show to start a spin-off series?
4. Who is the new intern in the last episode of season 3 related to?
5. What city is the show based in?
6. What college did Christina go to?
7. What was the name of Izzy's dead fiance?
8. Who was originally cast as Derek Shepard?
9. Who was the first person to refer to Dr. Shepard as "McDreamy"?
10. How did Izzy make money to pay for college?


  1. awe man!!!!! I don't watch the show!!!!

  2. FUN! I just sent in my answers!!

  3. Love the show, although not even close to how much you love it girl! LOL! I fear I know only like 3 of those answers! Fun game though! I bet Jessica got em all! :) Go Jess!

  4. Ok I think I will visit your blog more often now christine!! LOL
    Just so I can sit and look at his pic..isnt he "dreamy" ROFL
    Well I Sent in my answers!! not sure if you got a winner yet or not!!



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