Monday, May 14, 2007 busy weekend!

Saturday we had a dinner date with our very good friends and my brother-inlaw and my sister-in-law at this amazing italian restaurant. SO yummy! Good thing my sister-in-law doesn't drink because the rest of us were in no shape to drive. We had a GOOD time.

Spent Sunday afternoon at home with my family. We invited everyone over for a BBQ. The morning was spent running around getting everything ready. Between going out on Saturday night, and Mother's Day, I managed to consume 2 bottles of my favorite wine. No, I am not an alcoholic, just an overworked mom who needed to let loose and have fun. And I even got my nails done Saturday!!!!! I haven't had my nails done since last July! Here's some random shots of my family.

My cutie patootie niece, Amelia, who is also my god daughter.

My nephew and Amelia's twin brother

My love

Me, my Dad & my sister


  1. Such sweet pics, it's fun getting to "know" your family! You're so pretty!!!

  2. love it= looked like you had a blast

  3. Hey, you don't have time for BBQ's! I just talked to you and know you have a lot of "fishy business" to tend to! :) Love your blog!!


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