Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

Erin tagged me to reveal 7 unkown facts about myself. I had to do some thinking about this. So here goes:

1. I have 2 tattoos. I love them. A butterfly and a daisy. No one can see them but me. My girl's call them stickers. LOL

2. My car in high school was an Oldsmobile Cutles Sierra, nicknamed Babe Magnet. My girls and I would cruise around in that car blasting music looking for boys. Ahhh, the good old days!

3. I was dating someone else when I met my husband. I met Chris the summer after I graduated high school, and moved away. When I came back I was dating someone, and ran into Chris at a bar. I was with my boyfriend's friends. I walked in, saw Chris for the first time since I left 5 months earlier, and the rest is history!

4. I can drive stick shift better than most guys. Back in the day, on my 1 1/2 hour drive to work, I could shift my car, drink a cup of coffee and chat on my cell phone all at the same time. And NOT get into an accident! In NY! Now that's talent...

5. I am a Taco Bell junkie! Love it! Have forever and always will. I ate it all the time when I was pregnant with my girls, and guess what? They both love it! Emma used to do flips in my belly after I would eat it. It was so cool to watch.

6. I crave textures. Not just certain foods like chocolate or sweets, I actually crave a texture of food. This started when I was first pregnant.

7. I love driving in my car, blasting my radio and singing. It is so relaxing to me. All I think about is the song I'm hearing, and I daydream. These blissful moments are far and few between these days, usually on my way to Joann's craft store.

Now it's my turn! I am tagging Chelsea, Michelle , Michelle , Wendy, Tonya, Bobbie and Julie.


  1. Really really cute stuff! So fun to read about you!

  2. OMGOSH I LOOOOOOOOVE Taco Bell!! I can't get my hands on any of it here... but when I lived near the boarder (most of my life) I used to make midnight drives over the boarder to go get some. There were 2 about 30mins over the boarder, totally worth it!!



  3. Funny that your girls love taco bell too!!! I'm a huge fan also - I could eat chicken baja chalupa's everyday, lol.

    And also funny that you mention craving textures. I never put my finger on it until you mentioned it but I totally do this too and mine started with pregnancy too - strange how our little people change us.

  4. I used to eat Taco Bell every day for lunch when I was pregnant with my daughter and you know her favorite thing on earth are Nachos Supreme...LOLLLLL


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